Aug 26

Thankful that we can do long term relief for tornado survivors!


We are blessed to be able to help children who survived the May 22, 2011 Joplin, MO tornado and the May 20, 2013 Moore, OK tornado. We sent three boxes this past Saturday for 3 different families–2 that survived the Moore tornado and one family that survived the Joplin tornado–that should be there end of day today! We would not be able to do this without God’s touching the hearts of people to help us, for that we are very thankful!

Nov 08

I am thankful for my home

Ah Lord God You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power! Ah Lord God You have made the heavens and the earth BY YOUR OUTSTRETCHED ARM–Wow-! Nothing is too difficult for You. Today I want to thank You for the home that You have provided for my family and me. A home with heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. With running water and food in the refrigerator. Thank You Lord for my home and the many blessings that I receive and can share because of it. In Your name Jesus amen.

Nov 08

Thankful for Bananas and all who follow us, pray for us and give for the children!

Oh Lord I am so thankful for all those that follow Heart 4 Children Ministries both here on our website and on Facebook. Our fans, affectionately called Bananas, have prayed for the children who lost everything in the tornadoes, wildfires and most recently Super Storm Sandy. They pray for us whenever we ask like when we were on disaster relief trips. They give to the kids from their hearts:  books, clothes, shoes, new toys and money to help the kids who have lost everything get back to some sense of normalcy. They share the needs the kids have with their friends and families and  let us know that they like what we are doing for the kids. Thank You for all of them. Lord in Your name amen.

Nov 03

For the survivors

Lord, I Pray for the Eastern Seaboard. I pray for Haiti, For Cuba, for New Jersey, For New York, For Staten Island, for Long Island.

 Lord, I Pray for the first responders, who risk their own lives to save the lives of others, even the lives of people who have ignored evacuation orders.

Lord I Pray for the Fire, Ambulance and Police Workers, who give their time, both paid and volunteer, to get the job done and protect life and property from the after effects of the storm and from looters who take advantage of the misfortune of others.

Lord I Pray for the Military, both regular and reserve, who guard our shores and secure the area around the disaster zone to free up the police for more important work

Lord, I pray for the relief workers, volunteers all, who give of themselves often whilst suffering worse trauma and loss than the people they are serving

Lord, I Pray for the Ministries, the ones within the disaster zone giving from their stockpiles to feed the people, to provide shelter and warmth, and behind every ministry is a driving force, a bundle of energy with a vision You have given them to put them in place for an event such as this.

My Lord I pray for the Ministries at a distance, who rally volunteers to collect goods and donations to send to the disaster area and help out in the long term, long after the newspapers and TV news people have lost interest and moved on to a newer story.


Lord I pray for the victims. Winter is coming. soon they will need more than blanket. they will need warm clothing and footwear. they will need shelter from the wind, rain and snow.
Many have no home to go back to, many have homes that are fit only to be demolished and rebuilt. These repairs take time. Lord I pray that the relief effort be continuous, with many organizations countrywide doing their part for the greater good.

 For in the end we are one body with Christ at its head. I pray we will act as such in the future, not as we have so often failed to do in the past.

  In Jesus Christ’s Holy Name i pray

Nov 02

For The Eastern Seaboard

Lord, we give thanks,

that in the aftermath of the terrible storm Sandy, so few lives were lost.

It will be a trying time for the people now, but we give Thanks that this time brings both Rich ad Poor to the same level,

we Pray that as the Northeast recovers from this event that they too will be able to sing a song of Praise to YOU Lord for their Salvation and the New Life and New Communities they will be able to build in the coming years.

In Jesus Name I Pray

Oct 31

Hurricane Sandy

BANANAS: We just learned of a family that has not been able to reach their loved ones in an area that Sandy has wreaked havoc, will you please join me in praying for this family as well as other families unable at this time to locate their friends and family please?

Thank You Jesus for Your protection on my family and for the many answered prayers over the last few days. I come to You now lifting up the families who have been unable to reach their loved ones that have been in the path of this monster storm. I ask that You will blanket them in Your INEXPLICABLE Peace. Please help them to wait on You as cell phone towers, land lines, power lines and trees are down wreaking havoc with communication

Thank You for hearing my prayer, I ask all this in Jesus’ name and for Your Glory amen.

Oct 26

For Mikaela

Lord, we pray for our head banana. she is experiencing family issues right now. The devil is seeking to distract her from Your mission by the weight of worldly things pressing down on her.

Please Lord, take some of the weight from her shoulders, help her bear the load. Walk along side her in her struggles and let her know you are there for her,

IN Jesus Name I pray.

Oct 10

Prayer for FUNdraising

Lord we pray for all the FUNdraising events that are coming up.

Oct 10

Prayer for the Board

Lord, We come before you now to pray for our Board,
For those who have chosen to give their time and energy in Your service
who have seen the need in the Children
the Board who does so much

Lord we pray for Mikaela
it was she who heard Your call, and through prayer and unceasing work has brought together a group of like minded individuals to help those children in need
Mikaela is our rock and our entertainment. President, Chairwoman and Head Banana

Lord God we pray for Jim, who quietly works in the background giving time and money for the ministry. He acts as treasurer and keeps the books straight. We also pray for Joyce, Jim’s wife, who works just as diligently at FUNdraisers and events.

Our Father we Pray for JJ, a man of multiple talents, seeking corporate sponsorship and raising funds as our director of Fundraising and also making collections and deliveries of goods on the front lines as out Central and Western Oklahoma Coordinator. we pray for Robin, JJ’s wife, who has recently taken over as Board Secretary

We pray for Katrina, our tireless Alabama Coordinator, raising money and helping kids all over her fine State.

We pray for David, Spiritual counselor and Webmaster (the less said about him the better!!)

We pray for our many Volunteers.. [I am sure someone will comment or edit the post to fill in the names]

Lord. You know our needs and our foibles. Please, we pray, help our board members to continue to work diligently for YOUR ministry and to always remain open to new ideas as they emerge



Oct 10

For the Children

Lord, we pray for the children who are tragically involved in the aftermath of natural disaster,
in all the hustle and bustle they can often be ignored. They cannot play in the ash-strewn streets after a fire.
After a tornado or fire, the open spaces are now filled with broken glass, splintered wood and trash that has come from other homes.

As we give our time and energy helping the community to rebuild, help us not to forget Your little ones
the least of these, the children. They too have lost everything.

Help us to remember that to a child the simple things are most important.
The touch of a loved one, a simple hug, a recognizable environment or a simple toy.
Even the adults in distress seek comfort in something soft, a blanket or a pillow.
How much more a child who does not understand!

Lord, help us to understand.
Help us to have compassion.
Help us to feel the need, to step out of our comfort zone.
Lord Help us to help them who cannot help themselves.

In Jesus’ Precious Name I pray. ~David